BabylonDreams – Alexander & Monika Kucera GbR


We take great care to let your product shine in the right light. For that we dive deep into the technical workings of your product and then develop a way to show its strengths to your target audience. We don’t do “animated construction manuals” if we can avoid it. We want to tell a compelling story of what makes your product great.

For this architecture client we developed two projects pitches. One of the future town hall of Leingarten a small town near Heilbronn and the new facade of a shopping mall in Heilbronn. For both we worked in close collaboration with the lead architect on those pitches, Marcus Teske.

For this project the goal was to show the efficiency and comfort increase provided by the products of Bosal Oris—without showing a person. In the end we opted for a flow of movement to show the important interactions.

The idea was to create a rough visualisation of how a convention booth setup might look like. We created and presented several different solutions that our client could pass on to the customer BASF.

Our first job for Bombardier. The goal was to create a few pitch-able scenes of a Monorail driving through Wolfsburg. We tasked avcommunications with delivering us a couple of tripod shots of a day in the life of Wolfsburg and then set out to integrate the CAD model into those shots.

After we did the first Monorail for Bombardier, they came back with the wish to design a cargo version of their monorail. There were no designs yet and we were tasked to create a pitch-able version from scratch. A fun challenge for us. This short clip is what we came up with. It is obviously inspired by the standard monorail, but maximises the available space on the inside for cargo transports, while keeping it low profile on the outside.